I don’t think that you actually appreciate the benefits of having a wireless connection until you actually get one. Having always been on a wired network connection, first with a Coaxial cable and then with a more modern cat-5 cable, I have always been privileged of having extra storage space, shared an internet connection, etc, etc, etc. However, it wasn’t until recently when I received my Sony Vaio VGN-S460 with built in wireless that I have actually come to appreciate the wireless technologies.

I have always been intrigued by the benefits of having a wireless connection but was never really keen to change to a wireless connection because of the slower transfer rate (11/54Mbps as opposed to the 10/100/1000Mbps of a wired network) and the actual expense that is involved in changing from the wired network to the wireless network. Although I still use the existing wired network for my desktop computer (simply because the transfer rate is much faster and it is already there) when I’m at uni, and hopefully when I’m at home soon, I use the wireless abilities of the laptop.

The great thing about having the laptop is that I no longer have to wait around for a computer if I’m not near a free lab room. General if I want to use a computer at the university I will just head over to the Information Technology Library and wait in line for a spare computer, leaving me with only a few minutes to actually use the machine. Now with the laptop, all I have to do is simply go near a wireless hotspot, connect to the network and I’m away. No more waiting, no more being restricted to using the software of the university machines and no more being restricted to the library or finding free computer labs.