Telstra HTC Touch HD — Enable Weather Module

ONE of the best features built-into the HTC Touch HD would have to be the weather module. This module allows you to view the current weather conditions, as well as a four day forecast and all in a pretty cool looking interface. However; for some unknown reason Telstra decided to disable the weather module by default, instead opting to include a bunch of somewhat completely useless modules of its own.

There is good news… through a bit of editing you are able to re-enable the weather module and, if you desire, remove the unnecessary Telstra modules. First thing is first; we need to find the file which contains the HTC Touch Flow configuration. The file we are after is 26948339_manila.xml which is located in the Windows directory. Back this original file up. Copy this file on to your storage card, or somewhere you can access it from your computer (alternative you could use an application such as Total Commander to edit the file from your mobile device).

The section we are interested in are the items under the Navigation node and directly under the “root” PageGroup. This section contains a collection of Page elements, which define the items located along the bottom bar of the Touch Flow interface. The one we are interested in is — this should be commented out and appear similar to the following:

To enable the weather module simply remove the comment blocks (<!– && –>) to end up with something similar to:

You could now also go and comment out the modules you do not wish to appear on the Touch Flow interface.

Once finished editing the file save it and replace the original file under the Windows directory (if you aren’t editing it directly) with this edited file. Restart the mobile device. You should now be able to see the weather module button on your Touch Flow interface. Enjoy.

Do not be alarmed if you incorrectly edit the xml file as the Touch Flow interface will simply not load, but you will still be able to use your mobile device. Simply go back and replace the file with the original back-up, or attempt to fix the issue.