Day 4: Boiled Hen With Vegetables

Moving on to something a little more substantial, Boiled Hen With Vegetables, although still a pretty simple dish. The recipe calls for a Bresse hen and a bunch of different vegetables including turnips, onion and parsnips, all thrown into a pot of boiling water for a couple of hours.

This dish is the first recipe that ingredients have been hard to find, in particular, the Bresse hen. The Bresse is a breed of chicken which originates in Bresse, an area of the Rhôné-Alpes region in France. As such we were unable to find anywhere in Brisbane that sells them. In fact, we could not find anywhere in Brisbane that sells Hens. A few butchers weren’t even too sure what we were asking for. Other butchers said that they could not get any Hens from their suppliers. So we settled on a free range chicken.

The chicken was a bit too large for the pot, filling most of it up, leaving little room for the vegetables. After squeezing in the vegetables and filling the pot up with water, all that was left to do was sit back and let it stew.

After approximately 2 hours it was done; A nice juicy chicken with some soft, well-flavoured vegetables. Plus the remaining water will make for some nice chicken stock…