Optimus Keyboard

I never thought I could be amazed over a keyboard, but I am. Designer Artemy Lebedev has been creating – along with Timur Burbayev, Alexey Zalata, Nikolai Vershinin and Anna Ponomaryova – a new keyboard, called Optimus. The Optimus keyboard does not only look nice and smooth but “every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment”!

Link: Yummy! Alpha

Yummy! Alpha is a great resource for all your document needs, in pdf format. Yummy! Alpha is a library of pdf files – submitted by users – which are free to download. The pdfs are sorted into categories, and you can generate an RSS feed for each category or for the popular pdfs. If you register with Yummy! you can also upload your own pdf documents and create your own ‘library’ where you can store your favourite pdfs for later usage. Goto Yummy! Alpha now.

NSW Prohibits Vehicles

The New South Wales Government has found another way to make more money and make it more difficult for young adults. As of the 11th of July, 2005 provisional 1 and 2 licence drivers will be prohibited from driving certain vehicles, as an attempt to decrease the number of road accidents among younger drivers. This includes:

  • eight or more cylinders.
  • a turbocharged engine (diesel exempt).
  • a supercharged engine (diesel exempt).
  • engine performance modifications.
  • high-performance six cylinder engines.

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For those that have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about gmail.com yet then here is your chance to experience the latest in webmail.

Gmail is a new way of looking at the now standard webmail, which has been made widely available by large providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Gmail (google mail), has added a whole lot of extra features their services, including conversational view, Labels, 1000 Megabytes of storage, and not to mention the added functionality of Google’s popular and powerful search capabilities.

As Gmail is still in its beta stages, to become a member you need to be invited into Gmail by an existing member. I have come across 12 invites and as I already have an account they are of no use to me. If you are not already a member and are interested in the new features available by Gmail then simply leave a comment or email me with your email address and I will send you an invite. *first twelve people

Update October 9th, 2005: Lots of Gmail invites; if for some reason you still don’t have a Gmail invite, contact me and I will send you one.

Tips For XP Users

Here are some useful tips for people using Windows XP (from Tweak UI)

Press Win+L to lock your workstation.
You can rename multiple files all at once: Select a group of files, right-click the first file, and select “Rename”. Type in a name for the first file, and the rest will follow.
Hold down the shift key when switching to thumbnail view to hide the file names. Do it again to bring them back.
When dragging a file in Explorer, you can control the operation that will be performed when you release the mouse button:

Hold the Control key to force a Copy.

Hold the Shift key to force a Move.

Hold the Alt key to force a Create Shortcut.
If you create a file called Folder.jpg, that image will be used as the thumbnail for the folder. What’s more, that image will also be used as the album art in Windows Media Player for all media files in that folder.
Hold down the shift key when deleting a file to delete it immediately instead of placing it in the Recycle Bin. Files deleted in this way cannot be restored.
If you hold down the shift key while clicking “No” in a Confirm File Operation dialog, the response will be interpreted as “No to All”.

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IceRocket is a new privately owned metasearch engine. Although icerocket doesn’t have it’s own robot (software which searches a site for links and then follows all the links, gathering data and expanding its search engine database), it does utilise the power of other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Temoa, Altavista, AllTheWeb, Looksmart and many more widely used search engines.

You may be thinking, wow another search engine, big deal. However, as this is a privately owned metasearch engine, there are some distinct advantages which this presents. At present some of these advantages include:

  • No false search placements due to paying sites given higher placement.
  • More search engines being used, giving a greater chance of finding what you want.
  • Great features, such as an image search facility similar to googles.
  • Future tools such as toolbars to allow easy and efficient searching.