iiNet Vs AFACT: The Verdict

As a lot of people are probably already aware iiNet was taken to court by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) for allegedly allowing its customers to illegally download copyrighted material (e.g. movies, music, etc).

This morning Justice Cowdroy has ruled in favour of iiNet stating that “I find that iiNet simply can’t be seen as approving infringement”. His verdict was that the “copyright (infringement) occurred as result of use of BitTorrent, not the Internet” and that “iiNet has no control over (the) BitTorrent system and (is) not responsible for (the) BitTorrent system.”

Common sense and Australia’s Internet Freedom prevails, for now (see mandatory Australia Internet Censoring).

Back Online After 3 Months

Yay, I’m back online after 3 months!

Long story short: Apparently too many people on TPG are gambling with casino chips, which are blocking the tubes. Several months of having a perfectly working connection with TPG and then it suddenly decided to die. After spending two months trying to get TPG to fix the problem and one month trying to get them to disconnect it, three days after signing up with iiNet the connection was working again.