The Chasers War On Everything: Uncut Downloads

So you enjoy the comical satire of The Chasers, but you don’t get to watch it on Wednesday nights because of other priorities… Such as house and/or Prison Break? The ABC have you covered.

The ABC have vodcasts available for download. While it is good that the ABC is providing free episode downloads (within Australia) they are only 320×180, which is good if you only want to download a small file. However, John Beohm at is providing a resource of uncut H264 episodes, with a more acceptable resolution of 640×360.



Awesome news for gamers, F.E.A.R has released the multiplayer section of the game as a FREE multiplayer component called F.E.A.R COMBAT. The free multiplayer download includes 19 maps, 12 weapons, 10 game modes and supports PunkBuster. To download the game simply use one of the following download links and then head over to the official site to register and get your free CD-Key. Now the download is quite large, about 1.8GB, so you may want to use either a BitTorrent program or a download manager.

Download Locations:

Link: Web2Messenger is a brand-new service that allows people to send you messages from the web to MSN Messenger. You can redirect people to your personal Send Message page, or create your own Send Message page on your blog or personal website. You can even send a member a message when he or she is offline – your message will be delivered as soon as the recipient gets online!

Currently, in its beta stage, web2messenger, is only available by invite. I managed to get my hands on an invite and have been checking the new service out, soon there will be a page where you can send me MSN messenger from this site, without having to be logged in to MSN, or even having an account. What’s also great about this service is that it allows messages to be sent even when you are offline, it just stores them in their database and sends them when you come back online, you can also check your messages on their website, with details such as the sender, time and the actual message.

Link: Yummy! Alpha

Yummy! Alpha is a great resource for all your document needs, in pdf format. Yummy! Alpha is a library of pdf files – submitted by users – which are free to download. The pdfs are sorted into categories, and you can generate an RSS feed for each category or for the popular pdfs. If you register with Yummy! you can also upload your own pdf documents and create your own ‘library’ where you can store your favourite pdfs for later usage. Goto Yummy! Alpha now.

IceRocket is a new privately owned metasearch engine. Although icerocket doesn’t have it’s own robot (software which searches a site for links and then follows all the links, gathering data and expanding its search engine database), it does utilise the power of other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Temoa, Altavista, AllTheWeb, Looksmart and many more widely used search engines.

You may be thinking, wow another search engine, big deal. However, as this is a privately owned metasearch engine, there are some distinct advantages which this presents. At present some of these advantages include:

  • No false search placements due to paying sites given higher placement.
  • More search engines being used, giving a greater chance of finding what you want.
  • Great features, such as an image search facility similar to googles.
  • Future tools such as toolbars to allow easy and efficient searching.