FIX: Access is Denied 0×80070005

Recently I came across the problem where I was occasionally receiving an ‘Access is Denied 0×80070005′ error in the test environment for an ASP.NET application I was developing. After narrowing it down I discovered the error was only ever occurring when a call to the database was being made within the bounds of a TransactionScope(). After a quick search, I discovered a thread on the forums where someone else was having this issue as the MSDTC was not configured correctly.

Applying the same information from the aforementioned thread I soon discovered that the test vs development environments were showing similar results to that mentioned in the thread. In the end, the following solution resolved the problem.

Use sc sdshow msdtc on the server to display the current configuration, which should be similar to:


Using sc sdset msdtc change the section in red to read as (A;;CCLCSWRPRC;;;WD) e.g: